Have you ever thought of using the JFF yacht to get to your desired destination during a given holiday season? If your answer is no, you should consider using the yacht when cruising the sea for some time since she is one of the most stylish and luxurious yachts you will ever encounter. She has enough accommodation for up to eight people in three staterooms, providing utmost comfort. You can have the jff yacht for rent to travel to your intended destination.

The description of the JFF Yacht

JFF stands for ‘Just For Fun,’ and as the name suggests, the yacht is definitely built for just having lots of fun moments as you travel through the sea because it has all it takes. She was previously known as Ohana. This yacht was built by the Italian Shipyard Overmarine in 2001 but was put back into place in 2015. There is a lounge area, a VIP cabin, one double cabin, and a master cabin. She was built to accommodate up to six guests and carry five crews onboard. Her interior contains three beds, which are convertible beds that is only one, one king, and two queens.

She is built to provide or pass enough natural light and illumination during the day and have classy lines and a good interior that gives it a modern and sophisticated atmosphere that can favour everybody experiencing a relaxed luxury charter of the yacht. There is an input of good air-conditioning to ensure that the yacht’s environment is fresh and safe for everybody.


She offers enough entertainment since it is equipped with four big screens TVs below the decks, where the master cabin TV is 70 inches. It has a modern sound system and an XBOX 360. She has more features like 24/7 connected WIFI that help users stay connected whenever they feel like it. If you are a business person, this will help you do business online without bringing any inconveniences. This will also allow you to share your experience of using the JFF yacht with your social media handles.


She is convenient because of her high speed that saves a lot of travelling time. She has a fuel tank that can hold up to 12,000 litres of fuel at 32 knots. She can cruise at a minimum of 28 knots and reach a maximum speed of 35 knots.

JFF Yacht Toys

The yacht has several water toys that the guests can use to ride on the water. For example, you can have a jet ski that is a jet-propelled small vehicle that moves lightly on the water surface. The JFF yacht for rent is cheaper because it can carry up to eight people, sharing the cost.


It is important to try using this yacht because she is stylish and luxurious and offers the highest comfort. The yacht has a good interior that provides the best atmosphere to relax. Her high speed makes her convenient, and a connected WI-FI and a good sound system allow you to have the best experience when cruising to your desired